a request for the harassment and stalking to immediately stop.

Blog readers;
We normally don’t get involved in battles that involve other authors who post here, nor do we involve ourselves in comment moderation as we feel it detracts from meaningful dialog between our readers and authors on topics that may interest them.
But the issue has gone from meaningful dialog on here and on other social mediums to stalking and harassment.
One of our authors has requested that the stalking behavior innitiated by one of you that reads this blog stop, immediately, and the same with the persistent wish that she take her own life.
The individual in question has had past and current suicidal ideations, and has basically been placed at a friend’s house and disallowed from utilizing, carrying, or otherwise handling sharp implements.
She has also openly discussed wishes to give herself alcohol poisoning and “get rid of everybody’s problem.” She has been further disallowed from obtaining or imbibing in alcoholic substances, and handed over any and all of her communication devices to trusted individuals. She has a midline brain defect that causes her body to process foreign substances, i.e., alcohol, differently ,which essentially means she can’t have it.
Administration must remind you that harassment of our authors and commenters is not tolerated. Our authors/commenters are allowed to have an opinion, but stalking and harassment are strongly discouraged. We will remind you of the difference between harassment and opinion below, for your reference. It is imperative that you understand the difference between the two. As mentioned above, continued and repeated failures to understand and abide by blog policy will result in the appropriate authorities being notified. We have a disclaimer for a reason, ladies and gentlemen, and this disclaimer should be read and followed. Information on stalking will also be included, to ensure that everyone’s on the same page here.
1. to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; *persecute.* (dictionary.com).
Please note the word persecute.
Instead of defining stalking, I’ll present you with a a fact sheet on stalking. It is strongly encouraged that you read over this material, as the authors and administration of this blog and website do not wish to have to file anymore no contact orders. As was previously stated, one has already been filed.
Now, let’s move on to the concept of an opinion. Again, dictionary.com is our resource of choice.
1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
The co-writer’s opinion is that someone isn’t doing his or her job up to spec. she should be able to say that with impunity. The administrator thinks the co-writer’s mother is an idiot. He says this with impunity, quite regularly. The co-writer is of the opinion that Lenovo machines are piles of steaming feces. This is her opinion. The guy in the next room might think they’re great, but he can’t say that with certainty. The co-writer and admin are of the opinion that a stick of Ram in abovementioned Lenovo pile of fecal matter needs replaced, but we don’t know that for certain until we take it to someone who can look at it. I could bring it out to someone else next weekend who might say that the dying stick of ram in question is fine, and that’s his opinion.
As a final afterthought, we move on to the definition of a disclaimer.
3. a statement, document, or assertion that disclaims responsibility, affiliation, etc (dictionary.com).
So to summarize, your opinions are fine, but if you move onto harassing commenters or authors alike, and then after they ask you to stop it and you stalk them and continue the threatening/harassing behavior, your access to this blog’s comment facilities will be revoked.
This blog’s privacy and acceptable use policy will be rewritten by the administration team to better clarrify what we consider acceptable behavior just so that their’s absolutely know miscommmunication on the part of authors or commenters.
This is everyone’s final warning on the subject.
Thank you for reading.
The administration team

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