their's a thing called logic, and fitchburg state university has to learn it.

So I get this thing I want to get out of the room, so I suggest a trip to dunkin doghnuts, to get something for everyone.
So we’re rolling towards the north street parking lot, and the sighted person *doesn’t* see the post on the left, and we run smack into it, me, and the wheelchair.
Yes, today, movement is restricted to the wheelchair.
Before I left I was gonna be fine on short distances, not anymore.
Once the cursing ended, and I brought the pain under control, it was determined that the post we met, was a sign post, and it had no sign on it!
The fuck are you doing their without a sign?
Your wasting space, and really don’t need to be their.
fitchburg state university
learn logic, and remove signposts that are just wasting space, and are hazards for those of us in wheelchairs.
Thanks for making me have to use the wheelchair for *all* trips outside the room, I really appreciate that, you worthless dweebs
No love, me!

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