I can't find words to express my feelings.

while going through twitter, I came across this
news story.
and reading it, I’m immotionally drained.
Why, goddamn it, why would a mother, that already had to children, do this, to their 3rd child.
What the fuck possessed her.
And why the fuck did the authorities, let her have anymore kids, knowing she took/is taking drugs?
Could they not have court ordered her to have her tubes tied so she could not give birth again, and simply remove all the other children from the home?
They waited until the youngest is killed, before listening to what other family members were trying to say from the get go to do anything.
Reading that, I…. just can’t find words, or the immotions to express my sadness for the rest of the family, and this child’s older siblings who lost their younger sister because of their mother’s actions.
As for the mother, I don’t normally say this, but may you burn in hell, and never see the light of day again you son of a bitch.
I hope someone kills you in your sleep.
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3 thoughts on “I can't find words to express my feelings.”

  1. I read this article when I saw it on my twitter feed. I commented through twitter to my poster, and the source. I remember many Amber Alerts similar to this story, where the child was found dead. Reminds me of these types of alerts. This was not an Amber Alert, however, it is similar.

  2. Totally evil…This mom deserves a slow, painful death…Preferably with a blunt, rusty implement shoved up her ass, coming out the other end via her throat. Too harsh? Didn’t think so.

  3. This sounds like a woman I would love to be in a dongeon alone with. As a child who was tossed aside for purposes of drugging and sexing, I have no respect or sympathy for this woman, and I would tell her so in many many many different ways that would hurt more than words could express.


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