Hello Everyone!
It’s been a very long time since i’ve updated this thing. It’s time to seriously update this thing!
While I write this thing, some terd is playing the acordian and I’m going to take it and put it some place and he’ll need a plummer to find the acordian and remove it! Lol!
War with C A S.
It’s not funny at all, not funny! got it? The C A S is complaining like there’s no tommorrow. b The child wants to stay at home but the C A S is complaining up the creek of hellll! There supposed to be looking out for the interests of the child? Yeah right! Dream on! It’s like they don’t give a flying care about the child there supposed to be thinking about. I hope the C A S dies! They need to get there priorities straight! Is it going to be the child, or the parents, or there money! All they want is money, money, money, and more fricking money! The greedy queers. There queerer then microsoft on crack! There as inteligent as a jar of peanut butter. I think you get my point? Do you? hmmm? I guess so! I needed to do this, it’s just been bugging me all fricking day!
I hope everyone understands. I just needed to do this. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
Talk to yall later.

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