a random post of… things.

This is unorganized and just me rambling, probably making no sense to anyone but to myself, but what the hell.
I’m writing this just before 10PM on a wednesday.
Their are relationships you think, might last, your not sure of, but you think they’ll last, and inevitably they fall flat on their faces.
Believe me, I’ve been their, more times in the past three years than I care to count.
Relationships I think will last, then, flop, gone, for one reason or another.
Then you find that one person, you don’t need words to express feelings, you can read each other, you both click, on more levels than you realize.
You don’t need to talk or repeatedly tell each other you love each other, you both know it.
The past 2 weeks, have proven that to me.
It’s been 17 days, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 17 days. It still feels like yesterday I was leaving for boston, but reviewing tweets, blog entries posted while I’ve been here, yes it has been 17 days, and a pritty eventful 17 days it has been.
I’m saddened to have to leave, but my conditional clearance prevents me from staying longer, we can thank
american boarder control
for that.
Plans are already in the works for the next trip, we’re hoping beginning/mid february, or whenever tax refunds show their faces I’ll be able to come back.
I’ve gotten to know not only krista, but a lot of the friends she’s made here at colige and well, some of them consider me a fixture with her, the other day I was asked while walking down the hall, krista in class, by a random person that’d seen us around, where’s krista, in class?
I can’t find words, to express my feelings.
It saddens me that I have to go, but I know, either she’ll be coming to see me, or I’ll be back here, visiting her, whatever the case may be.
I’m gonna go curl up for awhile, so I’ll post later, or something.

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  1. Hey Shane, I totally know what you mean, I’m ready myself for Saturday of course! I’ll be hoping for an uneventful trip home and that this one lasts for you, and that you guys get to see each other again real soon!


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