T S A? you did what and to whom?

yes, I get this tarerist thing, really I do.
You’d swear I was
after my experience with boarder control on my arrival to the states.
but no, their’s a lot worse.
Read on.
I understand tarerists are a given now adays, especially after 9/11, but needless to say, TSA, was
Really required to be done to a three year old child?
from the article above.

There certainly are a lot of TSA search stories these days but it’s an important topic, so we’ll keep covering it as long as there are interesting stories. The latest, found via Slashdot, is of a three year old girl who got a full pat down while screaming at the TSA agents not to touch her. The girl’s father is a reporter and caught 17-seconds of the pat down on his mobile phone.

Further reading of that article, brought this
to my attention, and at this time it’s working, as I type this.
But really TSA, that crap wasn’t necessary, you need to have better training to handle children, especially young toddlers.
This entire incident could have been avoided if you were trained in the appropriate handling of children during the search procedure, yes?
to paraphrase a line from
TSA, please, kindly die. thanks muchly.

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  1. This is ridiculous! Besides, if it started with the teddy bear, why couldn’t they have just let her walk through the people detector with her teddy bear, which typically has no metal in it anyway, and then just scan it with the wand and only put it through the X ray machine if it set off the wand? LAME!


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