one of the more harder entries to write.

Good afternoon fellow LJ readers,
Let me tell you all that this is one of the harder entries I’ve had to sit and write. But I feel that it is necessary in the grand scheme of things
Those who were involved in the parent situation know the everything, and I’m not going to sit here and write the whole thing out again, but what I am about to say, is directed at the person who caused it all in the first place, he knows who he is, and he’d better read this all the way through.
Let me start out by saying to you, that what you did was wrong, especially what you did to me, my girlfriend, and everyone else who was in that conference Saturday, was absolutely dead wrong. You do not, under any circumstances say what you said on Saturday, to anyone.
I can tolerate a lot, but that was it. I liked the version of you that I knew near the beginning of the week, that was a person I enjoyed beeing around someone who I liked, and respected, and would do anything for. But what transpired Friday night, and into Saturday, I never want to happen again. You say your a man of god, but I am sorry, your actions, and words, tell me otherwise. If you were a true man of god, you would have owned up to your crap, and admitted it, and been totally sincere about it, not just brushing it off like it didn’t matter.
Then you had the balls to say you didn’t remember, I am sorry, but if you were sincere about it you would have said, Did I really say that? Were those my words? I am really sorry, but I truly don’t remember. But you did not, you just said, I don’t remember, and tried to change the subject. That’s crap, and you know it! Let me say here and now, that I am not breaking off the friendship, but until you are ready to apologize to every single person that was in that conference, and you are ready to help yourself, and do something about your problems, I want nothing to do with you. I want the old version of you back, I really do, and i think I speak for everyone that was there when I say, this version of you stinks, we all want the old version of you back.
I think I’ve said enough about this, to those who weren’t involved in the situation, but are still reading, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this.
To everyone involved, and the person who caused the situation, I am praying for you all, and hoping that this goes away, and we can get back to a normal life.
God bless all, and have a wonderful, geezus filled day.

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