not much going on

Not a lot of note has happened since I last updated.
I finally forced my sleep schedule back to a more normal pattern, now, how long can I keep it that way? who knows.
A few people clued into the fact that I’m single.
See what happens when you monitor my facebook?
You actually learn something!
Isn’t it amazing?
It certainly is!
I’m feeling depressed for some reason, I don’t know why.
I’ve been that way since like last monday. I’ve been getting depressed easily.
I think it’s the fact that christmas is coming and I’m really not expecting a lot, I know, I’m getting to see my parents, but really nothing more interesting than that.
I’ll post later on, or something.
take care yall.

2 thoughts on “not much going on”

  1. yeah i know how the whole depression thing goes. same with the single thing (i wonder why? who knows hehe) anyway there’s one thing i’ve learned about life. that’s that IT GOES ON. while there’s nothing i can do about it i’m sure there’s someone out there that’s perfect for you…just like there’s someone out there that’s perfect for me (god help them) but i too have had the “i’m gonna die alone” speech run through my head so don’t you worry about a thing. and just remember. no matter how many times you strike out…never EVER let that fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. besides, life is a lot more fun on the field than in the stands got it? i thought you would. oh well that’s enough for my rant attached to your rant. i’ll post my own rant later

  2. Hey Shane, I know what you mean by the depression, I’ve got it too, and congrats on the single-hood, I know that sounds odd, but you then look at how long I’ve been “single” yes I do have a BF in Cambridge, I only get to see him at camp, and talk only once a month and even then only for an hour….
    so technically I’ve been single for basically 4 years…. so Yeah,. I know what your going through in that way….
    I hope your doing well and not having too many problems…
    Hugs and warm thoughts…
    Em Green


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