they called that making sense?

Hey all;
So while plowing that thing that is twitter. I ran across
this article
That attempts to make light of why
For the wapping sum of 8.5 million dollars.
Reading that article, right near the end, it states

Skype doesn’t signal a big change in Microsoft’s M&A strategy either. The
company will continue to focus on the small acquisitions that it has in the
past — it really likes to find smaller bits of technology to “tuck in” to
existing products.
But as the Skype deal shows, it’s not afraid of bigger buys where they seem
to make sense.

How does purchasing skype

Make sense

Someone explain?
I’ve been using skype since it’s 0.x days, and yeah it’s had it’s ups and
downs, but come on, in my opinion, microsoft, you don’t need it!
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