I called this one, welcome to no more regular mail, as of Thursday, canadians.

Yep, it’s true Canada post has given strike notice for midnight Thursday. Here’s the article, in it’s entirety

OTTAWA – The union representing urban workers at Canada Post has given the Crown corporation an ultimatum — accept its final offer before Thursday night, or face a strike. Denis Lemelin, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, says the notice puts the union in a legal position to strike on Thursday night at one minute before midnight, Eastern Time. Lemelin says the union and Canada Post have a history of reaching deals at the last minute. But he warns Canadians thinking about mailing a bill payment or other urgent letter this week to consider their decision carefully. Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt was concerned a strike was possible and urged the two sides to reach a negotiated settlement. She says any work stoppage would affect Canada’s economic well-being, just when its economy is recovering. The two sides have been in talks for more than seven months and have not been able to hammer out an agreement. CUP-W made a final offer today that includes several amendments and clarifications to its positions — including lowering its demand for wage increases. This does not effect >UPS Or fedex

1 thought on “I called this one, welcome to no more regular mail, as of Thursday, canadians.”

  1. Fuckin’ post office. We’re expecting some cheques and packages that had better damn well get here.
    I wish the government would go ahead and make the mail an essential service…you know, while it’s still actually essential. Hello email, UPS and everybody else, how are you?


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