• 03:02 rebuilding apache, catching up on twitters, and then might head to bed. #
  • 03:03 @wakeangel78 welcome home #
  • 03:06 This is so fuckin’ cool! FS gets smacked again! holy shit! etana.livejournal.com/615099.html have fun! #
  • 03:19 damn! I forget my control panel password for shaneD.net. shit! #
  • 03:31 starting to fall asleep at the keyboard. I found the password, so it’s off to bed with me. good night fellow twitterers. #
  • 15:46 I’ve wasted 18,090 Seconds or 302 Minutes or 5.03 Hours or 0.21 Days with 603 Tweets on Twitter! tweetwasters.com #
  • 23:19 name CentOS5.2i386binDVD.iso time 0:57 size 3.74 GB speed 40.96MB/s. now, that needs to be at my fuckin’ house! hell yeah! #

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