• 06:29 how I know their was areason i didn’t get up today. #
  • 06:30 attempting to copy account between a direct admin server and a cpanel server is prooving to be a bitch. #
  • 06:38 what the fuck! Their are accounts their you useless bitch! #
  • 08:13 this bitch still says their are no accounts on the server. you know what. go to hell you whore! #
  • 09:00 that fucknig failed beautifully! jesus christ! #
  • 09:35 I just got asked if you can die from to much sex. I can see the headlines. individual dies from to much sex. film at 11. #
  • 18:16 I didn’t know tax was included in the price of gas. you learn something knew every day. #
  • 19:02 damn the software’s not that smart. ok, let’s try this is a different way! #

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