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  • 00:38 night all, I’m going nighty night as well. #
  • 04:44 good morning tweeples and fellow vampires and welcome to another day. #
  • 04:45 @Keao I may have it, I’d have to check. #
  • 04:50 @Keao do I even have you on msn? grins, I’ll look in asec. #
  • 05:00 if anyone has or knows where I can get an audio version of The Deep End Of The Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard let me know please #
  • 07:08 awake again, going to find coffee. #
  • 07:32 @planethitsradio good morning adam. note I’ve got coffee now. #coffee #
  • 07:33 I’ll set my status on msn to online once I’ve finished my first cup of coffee. #
  • 07:37 just what I wanted to wake up to on a thursday. #
  • 07:42 status is online on msn. so it’s officially good morning to everyone #
  • 08:32 congratulations to @cminner07 and @cbell26 on their engagement. #
  • 08:58 @WakeAngel78 oh dear? mad kkiddy #
  • 09:04 @WakeAngel78 when I check twitter and see a line of f shots without spaces. that in my mind equals mad kiddy. and poohbear’s run and hide ๐Ÿ˜€ #
  • 09:07 What Flavor Cupcake Are You? – tinyurl.com/dmg9f7 – You Are a Mint Chocolate Cupcake #blogthings #
  • 09:10 playing on www.blogthings.com #blogthings #
  • 09:18 @vampiric_angel morning to my fellow vampire. just chillin’ on skype and sending e-mails to dedicated server providers and on msn #
  • 09:20 @WakeAngel78 um, wow? #
  • 09:23 Cursebird Report: @wakeangel78 swears like a George Carlin Wannabe. Ranked: 2,532nd worldwide. – cursebird.com/wakeangel78 #
  • 09:23 @vampiric_angel now, that, is, amusing! #
  • 09:24 Cursebird Report: @vampiric_angel swears like Eric Cartman. Ranked: 98,606th worldwide. – cursebird.com/vampiric_angel #
  • 09:26 Cursebird Report: @cminner07 swears like a Bad Golf Player. Ranked: 152,869th worldwide. – cursebird.com/cminner07 #
  • 09:33 going to find coffee and hunt down some food. ๐Ÿ˜€ #
  • 09:35 time to hunt. be back a bit later twitterlings. #
  • 10:13 what the pout! I can’t decrypt the credit card numbers in the database even though I’m using the right decription hash. grr piss! #
  • 11:14 @vampiric_angel what @vampiric_angel is trying to say is that it’s -23 degrees c where she is. #
  • 12:42 if my data cable was shipped Friday, would that be counted as 1 business day? or not. #
  • 13:06 I’m so mad right now I’m literally shaking, and I haven’t been this pissed off in month’s. #
  • 13:27 @kd6cae what song does thou desireth mr. Monty? #
  • 13:43 @kd6cae acknowledged. #
  • 13:57 @creepyblindy yes, welcome back. msn, as fast as humanly possible. #
  • 14:20 What’s Your Life’s Mission? – tinyurl.com/cww8ty – You Are the Leader #blogthings #
  • 20:41 welcome @ShiagoChan to the following and followed by me realsm. welcome to my little corner of the world. #
  • 22:13 good night twitter and my fellow vampires. #

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