an actual post, and it aint gonna be a nice one!

***adult warning*** if you are offended by fowel language, stop reading now! ***end adult content warning!***
Ladies and gentlemen,
This post is an actual post, and it’s not going to be a nice one, and I frankly don’t give a flying fuck at this point.
The following logged conversation took place on march 21st, 2009 and my comments and the aftermath will follow.
First, the log itself.

Session Start: Saturday, March 21, 2009
vampiric poohbear ([email protected])
Naama ([email protected])
(7:50 AM) Naama: hi there, do you kow that I didn’t even know about hte meeting that took place with Larry in the radio room? I had no idea it ws going to happen?
(7:56 AM) vampiric poohbea: You’ll have to take that up with the board. Larry e-mailed the list saying he’d spoken with mitch and was given authority to take over the project, and that was that. please note you woke me up thanks.
(7:56 AM) Naama: are you being a jerk now/
(7:56 AM) Naama: you used to be so nice
(7:56 AM) Naama: I dont’ deserve this shit from you
(7:57 AM) vampiric poohbea: no, you woke me up. it’s just before 8AM on a saturday.
(7:57 AM) Naama: well didn’t you write to me at 2am ever for Mme?
(7:57 AM) Naama: if you dont’ want to be woken up, you can turn off messenger
(7:57 AM) Naama: so your true colors come out
(7:58 AM) Naama: believe me, I have some power to, o
(7:58 AM) Naama: I never gave you any reason to treat me like this, to talk to me like this
(7:59 AM) vampiric poohbea: I’m not giving you shit, I’m simply telling you how it went down, and if you have a problem with it, Is I stated before, take it up with the board and larry. I’m not management over their, and the politics of it all I could really care les about. larry supposedly talked to mitch, larry wrote the list, and the meeting took place. I don’t have a recording of said meeting because I was late getting their
(7:59 AM) Naama: I havne’t done anything toyou
(7:59 AM) Naama: yo never spooke to me like this
(7:59 AM) Naama: I dot deseve it
(7:59 AM) Naama: don’t deserve it
(7:59 AM) Naama: thanks for nothing
(8:00 AM) Naama: I gave you a ahcne when everoen on the old main menu team told me you were a jerk and that I should kick you off, including Larry
(8:00 AM) Naama: chance
(8:00 AM) Naama: when you applied to come back to acbri larry said never in hell
(8:00 AM) Naama: Larry hates your guts, dont’ forget, for what went down before you got kicked off
(8:01 AM) Naama: so good luck
(8:07 AM) vampiric poohbea: I do not appreciate waking up to this. If I was not wanted I wouldn’t have been send instant messages checking if I was going to attend said meeting. I do remember someone stating they’d approach you, and if that didn’t happen, is that really my problem? No, it’s not. I do my job to the best of my ability, and if people can’t or won’t appreciate it then what is the point of me even trying. I can and will work with anyone, and do tasks as assigned to me, no matter who’s managing the project, I do my job as assigned and if their’s a problem I will speak my mind, and ask anyone that’s known me long enough if I feel managements being rediculous I’ll be the first one to stand up and let whoever’s being rediculous have it both barrels
(8:07 AM) Naama has changed his/her status to Idle
Session Start: Saturday, March 21, 2009
vampiric poohbear ([email protected])
Naama ([email protected])
(8:29 AM) Naama: I was just talking to you as a friend, nothing special, just sharing with you, and you attacked me for no resson
(8:29 AM) Naama: I don’t deserve this from you
(8:29 AM) Naama: I helped youout without ou even knowing
(8:29 AM) Naama: so many people told me to kicke you off
(8:29 AM) Naama: and I had faith in you
(8:29 AM) Naama: Larry doesnt’ like you , he said some awful tings about you
(8:30 AM) Naama: and you are taking your shit out on me? you should be thanking me
(8:30 AM) Naama: I was just sharing
(8:30 AM) vampiric poohbear has changed his/her status to Appear Offline
(8:30 AM) vampiric poohbear has changed his/her status to Online
(8:30 AM) Naama: fine lblock me, youjerk
(8:32 AM) vampiric poohbea: I didn’t have to join the team, but i did because i had something to contribute. if you can’t appreciate it then that really isn’t my problem. now, if you have a problem with the way the meeting was put together take it up with the individuals responsible for calling the meeting, and leave me out of it.
(8:32 AM) vampiric poohbea: case, closed.
(8:32 AM) Naama: I wa s just fucking sharing with you
(8:32 AM) Naama: that’s all
(8:32 AM) Naama has been blocked

So after this little conversation, I basically let myself calm down, and then contacted Larry, (referenced in the above log) and also sent a copy of this to paul edwards and mitch pomerantz the ACB president and basically asked the following
1. Larry, did you say these things that naama has insinuated?
2. Do you indeed not want me apart of the ACBRadio main menu team?
3. Do you hate me that much
that you would let hell freeze over before I could rejoin ACBRadio interactive?
Does anyone wanna guess his response?
He never had a problem with me, never wanted me kicked off the main menu team, and he sure as shit didn’t say he didn’t want me back on interactive!
He even offered me the opurtunity to rejoin interactive in May once the knew management took over!
Ladies and gentlemen, with that, do you think he hate me? I think not!
Comments everyone?
I wanna here your opinions! speak up!

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