and people wonder why?

so at this point and time I sit back and wonder

what the goddamn hell did i ever do to deserve the way people treat me.

I’ve probably posted here numerous times about my childhood, so we won’t rehash that.
But going through e-mail, and cursing the spam filters as I had to go digging for an order receipt, this message, got through.
Because I’m not a total heartless prick I’ve removed the e-mail and name of the sender, and my own for the security of all.
I’m going to reaferm my stance, I’m not responsible for the actions of others as a result of this post, and I’m not responsible if you aquire equipment to blow this person to kingdom come. But I’ll support the efort and join you in jail, k?
So here we go.

from: my biological mother
to: me
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 4:17 AM
This message is to inform you that we heard about your surgeries back in July, and what has transpired since then.
What right did you have denying your biological parents access to your medical history, or your state of health.
We fucking brought you into this world, we have a fucking right to know what’s going on with you.
How’d we find out? By reading your goddamn blog, and if this goes on the blog, you won’t like the consiquences.
I hope someone does kill you because you don’t deserve to live, and the next time you have surgery hopefully they’ll fucking kill you so your out of our lives.
As for you dating some gutter slut whore from the states? Your a goddamn canadian, stay the fuck on this side of the boarder, you don’t need to be dating some fat, no good bitch that can’t even fend for herself and who won’t even get up the balls to come up here.
The only relationship from that side of the boarder that did you any good was the one that knew that slapping you around was the only way to keep you in line.
Don’t ever deny us access to your information again young man, we brought you into this world, and we’ll take you out of it.
Your foster parents can’t and won’t stop us from removing you from our lives, even if you think they will.
You can’t hide from us, so don’t try.

see above, I need not repeat myself.
The comment boards and this database might just blow up. Sorry
dream host
if I cause the
server to shit all over the floor.

19 thoughts on “and people wonder why?”

  1. I would come up with an original comment, but I already posted it to twitter. Have a repost of it here.

    If it wasn’t for how certain people’s children turned out, I’d be an advocate for the revokation of their license to parent. Oh, wait…

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Sorry, but this person belongs in jail for life…Just based on her threats alone, that could certainly be taken as a death threat. What a psychotic bitch. Thankfully, if my mother ever got like that, I *DO* know people who’d shoot her…Or at least have her committed. amazing how well you’ve turned out despite such a shitty parental unit, man.

  3. As you would put it. “You, law-enforcement, now.” I am dead serious. Excuse, me? You are over 18. You don’t have to tell them jack shit. But that needs to get given to a cop who can do something about it. And nice that she can’t even spell consequence.

  4. I agree with the last poster, that message needs to be sent to law enforcement. As you know, most who post to this will only be able to put in their 2 cents, but something like that seems like law enforcement is better suited to handle things better than it being spread around as gossip.

  5. Oh wow some people like the slime balls who wrote that email do not deserve to be parrents. Just because they gave you life does not mean they were parrents. It means one was a sperm doner and one was a vessle you are an independent man, and any parrent who thinks their child needs to be slapped around is a no good sleeze ball of the highest order. If that was your mother I can only think she has the maternal instincts of a frog you know the animals who drop their eggs in the water and take off… If that was your father I can only say I hope he finds someone to beat the crap out of him. They don’t even know your girlfriend, and aren’t part of your life so have no rights anymore to know what’s going on. hugs Shane.

  6. He’s over 18, and has apparently written you out of his life. What right have *you*, to threaten him? What right have you to wish him dead? If you cared about him as much as you say you do, you wouldn’t be telling him you wished he’d be killed so he’d be out of your lives. Maybe that’s why you don’t have access to his medical history. Did you ever think about that? No, it’s obvious you didn’t. You, ma’am, are going to have a lot more problems than he ever will if he’s taken this to law enforcement. And guess what? it’s up on the blog now, for everybody to see. Everyone who has access to this blog now knows that you are a heartless bitch, a waste of space, a waste of air, and an unnecessary drain on resources. Who the fuck do you think you are, saying you wish your own biological child would be killed, or die as a result of medical malpractice? Jesus Christ, and you guys think my mother’s nuts? Ok, maybe a little nuts, but she has never once wished death on me. threatened to lock me up to keep *me* from killing myself a couple times, but never outright told me she wished I’d be killed, or die in the hospital.
    And me? A gutter slut whore? Excuse me, but you don’t even know me. You wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall. Let’s go look up the definition of the word whore, shall we? “A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet” ( No, I do not sell myself on the street corners of this slummy nasty city, therefore, I’m not a whore. Also, Shane has the right to date whomever he wants, wherever they’re from. Further, how the hell would you even know what I looked like, and why do you care? What kind of parent are you to tell him that he deserves to be “slapped around” in a relationship? And again, threatening, “We brought you into this world, we’ll take you out of it?” That threat should be taken to law enforcement, and hopefully, it will. You don’t deserve the title of parent.

  7. OK, to Shane’s so-called mother, I say quit treating him like he’s someone who doesn’t deserve to exist! He can choose who he gives info to, since he is now of an age where he can make his own decisions! And he has now put this on his blog, if you dare think about hurting him, I’m sure local police would love to know.

  8. Folks;
    The blog over here’s exploded. and I don’t have time to respond to each and every one of your comments. but the theme’s general enough.
    In list form, you know how this shit rocks.

    • The authorities were informed by way of an e-mail then faxed copy of the offending piece to my mom. Please look at the wording of that carefully. you’ll notice the missing foster from in front of that. just sayin’.
    • Death to egg donor? see the entry, I won’t condone it, but that doesn’t say I may not show up to help.
    • It’s been brought up that, this should be taken live to
      adult station on a dirty house of fun.
      taking a pole, good idea? y/n?

    I haven’t seen the hourly stats yet, do I really wanna? lol.
    Thanks again, all.
    Time to finish waking up from the thing that is unconcious that just happened.

    • I’d keep it off-air for now…At least as far as anything that could get you in trouble. I can’t speak for JJRN, but I assume Jerry would agree…it won’t go on-air unless you wish to make it happen either by asking Jerry, or myself at Mojo, or other friends to either discuss it, or to give you a forum for doing so. I’ll leave that choice to you…But I’d say for now, let’s see what the authorities do. However, if nothing happens, and you feel they need to be called out, Sounds like Dirty House of Fun is open to you…My shows are open to you, and of course, your Monday slot is being kept warm by Crazy Mike, but is yours whenever you want/need it back.

  9. Okay. I am so mad I am shaking at this point! Oh how I love the way this person said she deserves* to know what is going on in your life. She does not deserve anything of the sort! If she was the right type of parent she would not be wishing death on her child, the one she gave birth to! Having kids does not make you a parent. I am adopted and my adoptive parents are more like parents to me then my real mom can ever be! So she’s going to “take you out of this world?” oh the cops would love this! Shane I would go through with charges. I would not stop for anything! Okay, I am done. I can’t even think straight!

    • Very well-said, Cat. I agree with you 100%, and I think most of the people reading/posting to this article would agree with you as well.

  10. There are so many things wrong with that email that I don’t even know where to start.
    Firstly, they brought you into this world, so they supposedly have a right to know what’s going on in your life, but then they wish death on you? What kind of fucked up logic are they using? Second, that message was absolutely saturated with accusations they can’t even back up with fact. Look at these two sentences, together:
    We fucking brought you into this world, we have a fucking right to know what’s going on with you.
    I hope someone does kill you because you don’t deserve to live, and the next time you have surgery hopefully they’ll fucking kill you so your out of our lives.
    I think I’ve said enough considering all the other comments on this thing. I hope the authorities will take this as seriously as everyone else. Also, I’m pretty sure this has been settled, but I honestly do not recommend putting this on JJRN, at least until they’ve been dealt with. I admire you for posting it on the blog though, despite what they’ve said to you. If I didn’t know anything about them, and had only seen the parts where they pretended to care and be angry for not keeping them up to date, I could maybe understand. But that email spoke of wanting to know what was happening with you, and wanting you dead within the same sentence. That, to me, is just sick.

  11. I’m shaking so hard with rage I nearly dropped my BB, got the link to this from a close friend on twitter, as I can’t read your tweet stream, I thought. My mother could be a bitch at times, but holy shit, this just makes my mother look like june cleaver! You need to deal with the cops on this one Shane, I feel like gouging her eyes out but I won’t, let’s keep a cool head here.

  12. I’ve always held—at least since I’ve had the ability to have an opinion on the matter—that just because someone passed you out their vagina, this confers upon them no special rights that can’t be revoked should they be a total tard. Frankly, if my maternal unit is grounded from speaking to me due to her inability to cope with the dreaded B-word meaning lack of eyesight, I see no reason why your birthmother can’t be removed from your life permanently for being a world class bitch. If I may make so bold as to say so, the only reason I might recommend against firing some buckshot up her birth canal in the name of karma is likely due to the inherent illegality of that act (even in America) and, not that I’ve had personal experience to back up this observation, but prison does seem like not the best way for a guy to find a boyfriend … particularly if one never has intention of finding a boyfriend in one’s life. Just my $0.02 USD. Frankly, were it at all legal and feasible for me to do so, I’d track down the various screwed up parents of disabled children, connect them in series, and see how much amperage it would take to cook them. Fortunately for your birthmother, I lack both the hardware and the required diplomatic immunity to make this dream a reality … but it is a pleasant thought that sustains me through the dark times.

  13. 1. Chris’s comment was greatly entertaining.
    2. Your mom, such as she is, is a maniac. We brought you into this world and we can take you out is a line I’ve only ever heard spoken in gest, either by commedians doing parent child bits or by real parents kidding around when either A. the kid clearly knows they’re kidding or B. the parent is making an obvious joke with friends while the kid may or may not be in earshot. Combining it with wishes for your death by therapeutic misadventure (thanks Mr. Carlin for the term), that’s a death threat and should be treated as such.
    3. Absofuckinglutely do not go on air with this under any circumstances. Depending on where taking this to the police goes there could be lawyers and court cases, and it’s a lot easier to be restrained in writing than it is when you’re live in front of a mic. On air there’s no backspace, and I’d hate to see this go from a situation where you’re completely in the right to one where you could be legally done up the ass because of something that slipped out.
    4. After this goes to the proper authorities and has been dealt with, I’d consider this woman to no longer exist. Don’t read what she writes, don’t post it, and don’t respond. She’s done. She actually doesn’t even in a sense deserve the attention via slow roasting we’re all giving her here, even though she really needs clue and smarts on a 24/7 IV drip.

  14. God that is really fucked up. I don’t know about Canadian law, but I know in the US once you’re over 18, it’s your decision who sees your medical history. This email doesn’t make your mother look good at all. And yes I would go to the police. You should remind her that there was likely a reason why her son was taken from her and placed in foster care. They don’t do that unless you’re a bad parent.


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