blindies can be daddies to, by Chris Meredith

the following is an e-mail from Chris Meredith. I include his original message and then the attached file’s contents he included.

From: Chris Meredith
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 5:35 PM
To: “kerri Murtland” ; Shane Davidson
Subject: Letter
Attached in Word 2007 format. You may wanna change the filename before you put it on removable media for any lawyer types.
Chris Meredith
Software Development Engineer in Test II
Windows ESC/WAP/BCD Team
Ph.: (removed for privacy)
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and now for the attached file’s contents as referenced above.
note the filename was blindies can be daddies to.

To whom it may concern:
I am writing this at the personal request of Kerri Murtland, with regard to court proceedings started against her by one Barb Jenkins.
First, a bit of background. I am a software developer with Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington. I am the father and, in many instances, primary caregiver for a blind, nonverbal and autistic child (not named here). Further, due to various disabilities from which my wife suffers, I must frequently act as transportation for said child.
Now, to the matter at hand. Ms. Jenkins states that, amongst other allegations to which I am unqualified to speak, “… present boyfriend is completly blind” [sic] and that this, amongst other factors, “…presents danger issues where my grandson is concerned” [sic]. From the information at hand, clearly, Ms. Jenkins attempts to present blindness as an unconditional barrier to caring for a child, further citing a similarity between blindness (which resides in the eyes, and only affects the eyes) with cerebral palsy (which resides in the brain and whose effects, as can be gleaned by rudimentary research on the matter, can vary from a slight limp to complete immobility with a side of cognative difficulties) with her statement that “… In light of the fact his own father is disabled with Cerebral Palsy and cannot look after him safely that why he has supervised visits in my home” [sic]. Whilst logic here would dictate that any “for all” statement, such as the one that Ms. Jenkins is making, can be proven false by finding a single exception, I am willing to go even further than just presenting my case as a counterexample (which, admittedly, in this format, is perhaps redeemable for a coffee, providing it was submitted with the requisite $1.99). I am willing to provide the following information to back up the above assertions:
• Assertions from my son’s caseworker(s) that are handling his case with the Division of Developmental Disabilities that I do not, due to my blindness, pose any sort of safety risk to my son
• References from friends and/or family as required (names of people other than myself will be redacted)
• Testimony, if need be, at any hearings regarding this manner, including but not limited to answering any questions that Ms. Jenkins or her representatives may pose as to their safety concerns vis a vis blindness. Testimony can be given by teleconference or in person, though in-person testimony would require 14 days’ notice, due to travel expenses from Seattle. In lieu of 14 days’ notice, compensation for said travel would be required. Further, if blindness is found not to be an issue in these proceedings, I reserve the right to seek compensation for my time and costs from Ms. Jenkins and her representatives, unless seeking such remuneration is impossible under civil law for reasons of which I am not aware.

Please be advised that this statement is in no way meant to state or imply expertise in any of the other areas put forth in Ms. Jenkins’ complaint, and only stands as a response to her allegation that blindness, rather than any other condition put forth in her assessment of any of the visually impaired people she has chosen to mention, creates a safety risk. Should there be a need to contact me further, my contact information is below.
Warmest regards,
Chris Meredith
Software Development Engineer in Test II, Windows ESC/WAP/BCD Team
Ph.: (removed for privacy)
Mobile: +1 (206) 235-8535
Fax: (removed for privacy)
Email: (removed for privacy)

That’s it for now.

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