and here we go again!

Ok, I’m not going to mention names here, but those who this is in reference to may know what I’m talking about.
As I was reviewing blogs tonight I came across and entry that was about me.
so as I started reading it and supposedly I told someone that told the person who’s blog I was reading that I supposedly stil had feelings for this person, and shit like that.
Let me tell everyone who reads this LJ, even though I am not in a relationship myself, that does not mean I have feelings for this individual, and I will find out who started this shit and put a stop to it faster than you can say hamburger helper.
The individual that I supposedly have feelings for is in a relationship, so blind community take your confounded shit and shove it up your ass!
For the record, on a radio show of mine, that is for entertainment only we did take bets on the relationship between the two individuals, an x of mine and the person she is dating, and it was the listeners putting in the opinions, and the opinions expressed by my listeners are their opinions and not mine.
If you have a problem with me, or you think I feel something, quit being a fucking coward about it and ask me! If you don’t it shows me you don’t have the balls to approach me and ask questions, because I don’t hide shit and I’ll tell you whatever the hell you want to know!
ok, that’s it for my rant for tonight.

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  1. Ok shane faster than you can say Hamburger helper? Right… YOu must have been tired, or just your normal goofy shaneness. Love ya bro


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