an interesting day, indeed.

Hello all.
I’m posting after a day of running my dary air into the ground.
It started out all right, I went to the bank, and thank the lord, I was able to update my bank account type without opening a whole new account.
That’s a good thing, saves me from running my butt off to the government office and waiting forever in a day to get them to process the new account information for depositing my money.
I also didn’t have to change anything in paypal, or any of the other online services that have my my bank info, yay!
The one thing that made me a little mad was the crack my dad made after we got home and were unloading the groceries from the car.
I had just signed off the phone with my girlfriend, and dad said I didn’t know true love, and I was going to tell him to shove it up his dairy air, and that I’m sorry to say, but I love her, and since I can’t show it physically , he’d just have to eat his words. But I kept my mouth shut and just went inside.
Let’s see,, this computer is being weird, as I write this, kevin, who I am talking to on skype, said that I just signed into aim, but uh, hello, I’ve been signed in all day! Stupid internet bugs trying to bite me, hehehehehe.
I’ll post later on.

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