Amber Alert Issued for 5 Year Old Minnesota Boy

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Amber Alert Issued for 5 Year Old Minnesota Boy
Posted: Saturday August 5, 2006: 2:15 PM CST
  The    Brooklyn Center Police  Department and the State of Minnesota issued the Amber Alert after the suspect threatened the child’s life along with his
 Andrew Moua ,  5 years of age.  He’s 2 feet 7 inches tall.  He’s an Asian male weighing 35 pounds with brown eyes and short black hair. He was last seen
wearing a Superman t-shirt,
sandals and jean shorts.  He was last seen Friday when the suspect picked him up.
  The suspect is described as an Asian male weighing 135 pounds. He is 5-feet 4-inches tall with brown eyes.   The suspects name is Xou Moua  and he’s 39-year-old.  
He was driving a red GMC Yukon sports utility vehicle with a Minnesota license
plate number  FXN038.
  The father and mother were never married, according to officials. Police believe
the child is in immediate danger.
  If you have any information, please call Brooklyn Center Police at 763-503-3200 or dial 911.
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