a public retaliation

Good morning everyone,
As most of you know, I used to be friends with a certain individual.
The individual knows who he is, and he does read this blog.
Since he’s a baby and won’t listen to my opinions on his blog, I’m going to publish them here for you all.
First, here is the post that got all this started.
begin post:
A Public Demand Directed At A Specific Individual
Hi all.
I know how badly some of you despise public feuds, fights, dramas, call them what you will. However, I do have a very valid reason to publically demand
the following from a certain individual.
This certain individual had my email addresses blocked, so I am unable to send mail to their mail server, so I will say what needs to be said here, where
I am guaranteed to be published, and since this individual is reading the blog, read by him.
I am demanding that shane Davidson cease and desist posting comments anywhere on this board. Since I am unable to regulate his access, the next comment
goes to the Blogger folks, along with a link to this page, proving that the request for no further comments was published and is not being honoured.
I don’t have to justify my request to anyone here, but believe me, it is justified, if not to anyone but me, and since this is my blog, I feel I am not
in the wrong for making this request. If anyone dislikes my request, and can’t see the reasons behind it, you are welcome to receive a full explanation
by email. Just email me, if you know the address, and we will discuss it. Otherwise, the reasons are not outlined in his comments, but relate to off-board

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
end post.

Fine Mr. Macleod, be a baby about this.
I was trying to be nice, and comment on your posts, but if that’s the way your going to be then eat your own dirt.
I believe and forgiving and forgetting, but if that’s the way your going to be about this, then fine.
You know the reasoning behind me blocking your address, and you do have control over commenting, it’s called changing the settings in blogger, and if your too lazy too take the steps necessary, then it’s your loss not mine.
You have complete control over commenting, so don’t complain about it.
Blogger won’t do crap about it, because it’s a public forum, and they’ll tell you the same thing they told me 3 month’s ago, take it up with the individual and not us. We don’t have control over who comments, and we won’t get involved.
If you think your crap doesn’t stink, let me tell you something there Mr. baby macleod , your crap stinks like a skunk.
If you don’t like my comments, well that’s too bad, it’s a free country, and I’ll say what I want, when I want and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.
There’s no law in this country saying I can’t comment about what you have posted.
I tried too be nice, and tried too say something nice too you, but you didn’t like it, so then fine, go cry in a whole for all I care.

That’s all I have to say on the subject.
If anyone wants a full, unsensored version of what transpired over the past summer, contact me privately if you know how, and I’ll be more than happy to fill you in.
take care all.

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