in other words, teksavvy's CS still sucks.

Going through feeds today, it seems that tek savvy’s customer service
still sucks

teksavvy, your customer service/advocacy is awful
Teksavvy is great as long as you don’t have a problem
I had been having connection issues with my DSL for the past few months. My roommate who has Bell phone service, was also having issues. He has line insurance, so he had a Bell technician come out to troubleshoot. He ended up switching the line underground from the nearby pole outside, in doing so, it broke the DSL connection entirely. Before the tech left, he told me I just needed to call and explain that a line transfer was done and Bell would switch the connection to the new line at their CO.
To make a long story short, 8 phonecalls to Teksavvy later, spending at least 2 hours on hold and explaining the situation to 8 different people, having Bell come back 3 or 4 times, Bell’s solution was to install a new NID on our house, but not connect the line back into the house. In doing so, they still hadn’t fixed the DSL and broke their own customer’s phone line again in the process. In the interest of getting my internet back up, I went and purchased some phone cable and ends, crimped it myself. It still didn’t work, so after speaking to a “supervisor” for an hour and a half, I hung up and decided to check the modem again, the internet was back up. I called back to cancel the tech coming out again so I wouldn’t be charged $87 for fixing my own internet connection.
During that call, I decided to switch to cable, thinking how could it be worse. I shouldn’t have tempted the gods because it is worse.
– I was told a date and time, took the day off from work and sat outside waiting for Rogers to show up. 2 minutes to 11AM, I receive a phonecall from Rogers that they missed me, which was impossible. Rogers gave me their number to call them back. After waiting on hold, I was told they could not help me (then why give me the rogers number to call back)?
– I called Teksavvy, they said they would have to reschedule and that it would be the soonest possible tech. I told them I didn’t want to miss more work to wait again, they suggested an evening appointment, which was the first I had heard of this. I was also informed for the first time that Rogers will call ahead to confirm the appointment (even though they had done no such thing the first time, just the call 2 minutes before the appointment “range” was over) I agreed and they said they would let me know when the next available slot was.
– I get an appointment for 5-8 on Saturday, so I cleared my schedule and made sure I was home at that time. I got another call from Rogers at 5:30PM which I missed because I was not near the phone for a few minutes. Then I call Rogers back again to connect me to the tech so he can come by, they tell me that they can’t do anything and that I have to call Teksavvy.
– I call Teksavvy, explaining that I missed a call from Rogers and would they please contact them to have them come out this evening anyway, I was told that they could not do anything until after 8PM. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who informed me that Rogers will call before the appointment and if no one answers, there is no way to contact them back within a reasonable time (10-15 minutes) and I would have to reschedule in another 3-5 days. I was also told that they have no phone number to call, it is only an email system that they use to deal with Rogers.
Also, twice I was told that I would be receiving credits. The first time for the DSL issue, I was told I would be given a month credit, which when I subsequently called I was told they had no record of, and that they couldn’t help with, I would need to be connected to the DSL tech department. I haven’t had the time to deal with that but I will be following up with that next week. I was also told I would be given a weeks credit because of the difficulties getting the cable hooked up, which I will verify when I get my next bill.
To all the teksavvy fanboys and sycophants, understand this: as a customer it doesn’t matter if Bell/Rogers are at fault, teksavvy does not advocate on behalf of their clients worth a damn, and they did not provide me with the information I needed (like, the tech will call ahead instead of showing up for the scheduled time that was not canceled beforehand), wasting my time and money.
To teksavvy: Could you get your act together please? Your technicians are as helpful, but only as much as your policies allow them to be. Here’s some suggestions so that you don’t frustrate your clients to the point of cancelling (which I am still considering):
Have the rogers tech call you directly to confirm the appointment, then call your customer, and call them back if they don’t answer the first time. Don’t make your customer stare at their phone for 3 hours waiting and provide them no alternative if they miss the call.
Don’t make your customers follow up with issues, dedicate people to phoning back clients to confirm if the issue is resolved, and harass Rogers and Bell until they actually FIX the problem. I know Rogers and Bell suck, this is why I signed up with you, so I didn’t have to deal with their customer service.
If you offer a refund for services not rendered, then put it on the client’s account so that they don’t have to call again and explain why they should get a refund. I fully expect to spend another 2 hours on the phone about this again.
Get more staff to answer the phones, your hold times are too long.
I’m posting this in the public forum because I am sick of being given excuse after excuse as to why you can’t help me.

I’m glad I left when I did back in december.
Tek savvy, your shit, get it straight.

8 thoughts on “in other words, teksavvy's CS still sucks.”

  1. Reason teksavvy is horrible is the technical support staff is treated like crap and the techs are the main driver for the company. Teksavvy is a childish company ran by goofy (rocky) and captain spark (marc) these two are idiots and dont know how to operate a comapny their employees always fear job security which is why teksavvy sucks and is bad company

  2. Teksavvy = Unstable = Sucks
    The employees of teksavvy are harrassed by managers and mods and QA for dumb shit. This company is horrible as far as employee moral. Unless the owners do something to fix issues.
    I was talking to a customer service for tech support lol what kind of stupid company mixes tech with customer service well only one stupid company thats teksavvy offcourse laughs here canada teksavvy is not what they say they are they are opressive to full time staff and a bunch of mean managers operators that run this goof ball company i switched to execulink so sould you .

  3. Yes I agree solutions inc is a bad. Company period. The have some of the worse management ever that lie cheat and know absolutely nothing how to run a company. It is true that tech support is treated like shit and that’s the only deptarment that makes or breaks the company. There some people the in management that should have been fired a long time ago but they continue to stay and their actions are destroying tksavvys reputation in Canada.

  4. Anybody wanna put money on those two commenters being the same person? My hatemail/outrage at other things receiving experience thinks so.

  5. Teksavvy can monitor everything. They are the best bro unlimited Internet and gigs and stuff you just are haters you go to every ISP like house a house fly and take a Shiit on it yeah ahan that’s right . I love teksavvy it’s got human rights and stuff I spoken to blacks Asians and shay they is multi cultural and all. So don’t you be hatin and lying ova here yeah all know. Love broth hood teksavvy best of best love of love

  6. The company has great service however they are still under the mercy of Rogers and Bill so not much they can do on their own which makes them more of a baby bell or baby rogers and we don’t need that shit in the market. Look at Kudos for example , nothing useful at all from them. Feels like the same deal with Teksavvy.


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