You think turning into your mother is bad, try turning into your grandmother.

Well, I guess the good news is that I’m not turning into my mother. People always tell me I look like her, but thank you, I’d rather not turn into her. The better news? Or…Is it better? I don’t know yet. I’m turning into my grandmother! I often find myself bitching at objects. A prime example actually occurred while I was typing wherein my computer stopped responding and I muttered to myself, “Can’t this thing just work right for one day? Jesus Christ.”
Tonight I was sitting outside watching my grandmother work in her garden. At least 3 times, I heard her complain, “This hose sucks.” “This goddamn thing’s spraying everywhere but where I’d like it to.” “Jesus Christ now I can’t roll the damn thing up. God damn it all to hell, that’s what I get for buying a cheap hose when it’s on sale.”
So I’m sitting there, and in my head, I have this picture of Shane asking, “What do you want me to do about it?”
So I got into a conversation with my grandmother about how I do the same thing, and I find I sound like her. Together, we came up with a conclusive answer to, “What do you want me to do about it?” We had to, seeing as we both get asked that question probably a combined total of 50 times a day.
The answer is, in our exact words, “We don’t expect you to do anything about it right this minute, or at any time, for that matter, but that doesn’t revoke our bitching license. We’re simply stating our observations and opinions about what we see currently, and what needs to be dealt with later. We may not have the time or ability to deal with it right that second, but eventually we will, and we always do.”
So there you have it, our answer to the question, “What do you want me to do about it?”

2 thoughts on “You think turning into your mother is bad, try turning into your grandmother.”

  1. Shit, I guess I’m turning into your grandmother too! I yell at everything! Computers, the TV, dishes, chairs, food…you name it, I’m sure I’ve screamed at it at least once. I’ve likely even made up on the spot curse words just to make sure it truly knows how I feel. And you’re right, we don’t want anybody else to do anything about it. the only one that can do anything about it is the thing, and in that case all it needs to do is whatever the fuck I’m telling it to do in the first place!

    • Exactly. We’re not bitching at the object because we expect whomever might happen to be in the immediate area to fix it, but because surely cursing at it is better than throwing it and damaging another object? LOL. And yes, I’ve come out with quite a few interesting combinations of expletives. Most people don’t seem to get the art of taking their frustration out on the object that pissed them off instead of taking it out on some poor fool who approaches them 2 hours later. 😀


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