weekend plans.

Thanks to certain people not understanding that krista wants to be happy, they’ve decided that me meeting the rest of the family’s not how it’s gonna roll, so in a fit of childlike behavior.
they attempted to cause more drama.
so to prevent us from putting a brick through her windshield like we’d like to do, we’re gonna spend the weekend with
and hopefully meet a few more people in the bargain, depending on what happens.
Nothing else fall over while we’re gone, please? even if we’ll be technically connected, but still, nothing else attempt to shit itself. that’d rock, really it would.
related: have
krista’s take on the situation, in audio.
unedited and disorganized, but you’ll have that.

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  1. Oh hi comments… You are now my good bitch. anyway. For anyone who couldn’t/didn’t/was too lazy/didn’t have time to listen to the audio, have some reading material. The audio’s unedited, disorganized, essentially what you get when I up and randomly ask Shane, “Yo, I’m borrowing your digital recorder for a sec, k?” (Hi brain to mouth connection, meet window). I’m in a grand mood, this is gonna be a rambly one. I’m apologizing now. So my mother decides that she’s going to invite me to my own party. supposedly this weekend. Now i really didn’t want a party, for personal reasons. Last year’s mandatory birthday celebration due to a death in the family kinda wrecked my brain, and I wasn’t really feelin’ the whole OMG looky it’s a birthday let’s have a party, thing. Those who followed my twitter last year knew that was a fuckin’ train wreck and knew that it kinda chewed me up, spat me out, and chucked me on the floor a few times. I told my grandmother straight up, in January, “I don’t think I wanna do a party this year. After last year, I don’t feel geared to do that again.” My grandmother understood. Guess who apparently didn’t? Princess Vanessa. Miss I have to have everything my way. And holy fuck, does she ever. Tonight she calls me, rags me out for not answering her phone calls/emails… And then? ACCUSES SHANE OF INTERCEPTING SAID PHONE CALLS/EMAILS! Um…no? sorry? whatever “game” you think he’s playing, missy, that ain’t it. So she tells me she’s going to visit my dad’s sister and her baby at the hospital in Worcester, then come get me. So she calls around 8, and is like, we’re getting something to eat, we’ll be there in awhile. I ask her if shane may participate in the birthday thinggies/whatever because he wished to meet the rest of the family. she pulls a princess maneuver, (surprise surprise… except you never saw me say that…) Tells me no, ok, doesn’t stop there, cops her attitude with me, and hangs up in my ear. Says the party will be postponed. All because she doesn’t want Shane in our house. What the hell’s he gonna do, steal something? I’m sorry, but I don’t think the guy who just had upwards of $2000 worth of his shit stolen is gonna fuckin’ steal our cheap shit. Another point I make in the audio is that my mother has this bad habit of ragging on my friends she doesn’t like, behind their backs. She ragged on this one poor fucker who was originally from Pakistan, so badly that when I had him to my place for my high school grad party, that was the one and only time I had him there, because after he left, she did nothing but call the poor kid names for days after the party. But did she say anything about the other kid who was a nice enough, white, (and ok rich), kid? fuck no! Not a word about him, but she talked shit about this kid for years, so bad I felt bad for the kid and stopped talking to him because every time I talked to him, she’d rag on him behind his back! I’m done, now. Sleep is looking like a pisser of an idea before I scream, cry, throw something or my head explodes. what a fucking day.


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