wait, a company taking full responsibility for a fuck up?

So when I got home today, under a lot of stress, still going through mild bouts of mind implosions, still am, to this hour, I decide, I’ll take a shower, then crank up the computer and go through e-mail, twitter, etc. etc. etc.
Come to realize, I had no dsl sync, at all.
I swore mildly, and immediately dialed my
to get answers.
Tech support was baffled about why I had no service, when my move order, in fact stated service cancelation was dec 2nd.
I demanded a manager and was immediately granted an audience with elizibith, the sales manager of teksavvy.
We were able to determine that someone in data processing made a major error in processing the service cancelation order, and accidentally entered november 12, 2010 instead of dec 2, 2010.
The move order itself for knew installation was in good shape, someone just needs to learn how to.
1. read.
2. type properly.
Elizibith made it clear to me that it was totally 100% teksavvy’s fault, no bullshitting around, no funny business.
at this point I was given 2 options.

  • Reconnect the current service within 5 business days, with a disconnect properly scheduled for dec 2nd.
  • leave service deactivated at the old address and proceed with the reconnect at the knew address dec 2nd, 2010.

I went with option 2, with a few requirements.

  • a credit for the days of service not used from november 12, to december 2, 2010.
  • a credit of the move charge
    of $19.99

Both of the above requests were granted.
It’s reasons like this why
tek savvy
Honest customer service, and when they make a mistake, they own up to it and work to come up with a resolution that is satisfactory to all.

2 thoughts on “wait, a company taking full responsibility for a fuck up?”

  1. I’ve honestly never heard of that company, but I love when they take responsibility like that. I rarely see it, I think Telus has done it a few times. What are you going to do for internet between now and then, though?


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