updates, move a success, and things are really coming together in the new place.

Hello everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this her blog. I’m still among the living, but it’s been hectic around here. Where to start, is the ultimate question. The beginning would be nice, eh? lol! Anyhow. The move was a huge success. I moved into the new place on Monday february 5, 2007, in the middle of a fuckin’ blizzard. I swear to god, that was the worst driving conditions that I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. I swear to god that if I ever have to move again, it’s not going ot be in the middle of the winter, if I have anything to say about it! Once things got moved in, that crap started. I called bell sympatico, our DSL provider to check on the status of my activation for the internet, and was told by the automated system that activation would be on february 8, 2007.
Ok, fine, fine, whatever. As long as we get activated. I went to school that night and returned home Tuesday morning, because I felt like absolute shit.
Spent the day at home, getting boxes unpacked, and things like that. I went out at around 2PM to get some basic groceries, and price choppers is my best friend.
I swear to god, I had to have spent $60.00 on cabs alone during monday and Tuesday alone.
Cabs can really kick your ass financially if your not careful. *grin*
Friday is where it gets interesting.
I called bell canada because my modem had just arrived, and I hooked it all up, and when I went to use the activation CD, I was only seing 2 out of 3 lights on the modem.
Called bell, and started raising absolute hell, come to find out that activation wasn’t scheduled for the 12th the following monday.
I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the details on that issue.
I’ll write later.

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