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Hello faithful readers,
A lot has happened since my postings about freedom scientific.
I’m finally settled into my knew place and things are looking up in that department.
I met some of the neighbors when I was across the street at the store and I really like them.
Why are things looking up?
Well, as some of you know my facebook status has been single for the longest time, but on April 25, 2009 that all changed.
I’d had a very small interest in this person for about 3 month’s, small enough that I pushed it back, didn’t act on it, didn’t even tell anyone that I had this interest, and no, I didn’t even tell the person that this interest involved about it.
As the month’s progressed things started getting stronger, I ignored it, becuase I didn’t feel it was really worth my time, I kept thinking it wouldn’t work, I didn’t want anything to do with it.
That was my thought process until about the 22nd of April.
I finally got up the courage to tell this person that I had feelings for them, and well I didn’t get a straight answer from that conversation until late on April 24th.
I won’t bore you with the details but never the less, amber and I are a couple, and things are falling into place for her to be up here between now and the first part of June.
She’s given me a reason to love again, and a reason to let someone into my heart again.
It’s been almost a month for the two of us, but I haven’t felt better about a relationship in a long time.
Some other things of note.
Amber has been wining about wanting a pantech duo, so I’m replacing my pantech with a samsung black Jack II and giving her mypantech.
She’s also getting a netbook so that means I’ll get her laptop. smile.
Anyhow, I have to go because I am ignoring those on skype.
talk to yall later.

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