Hey folks,
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. To long I feel.
Most of you know how I was talking about moving, well, I have finally done it, I am now living on my own! yay!
It’s an interesting experience, let me telly ou.
We’re still getting things organized, getting furnature, ETC.
We’ve got a long way to go before things are totally setup.
We’ve got the star choice sattlelite person coming MOnday to fix things, we purchased the receiver, but the nut cases, that were in the apartment before us, took the connections of the sattlelite, so we have to get them fixed.
Thankkfully it’s not going to cost us anything.
I’m helping rose make spaghettie for supper, yeah, I know, supper at like 10 at night, who cares. grin. We’re on our own, so fuck it all. grin.
Anyhow, I’d better get going.
talk to yall soon.
piece out.

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