Trekker 3.0 Now Available:

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Trekker 3.0 Now Available:
HumanWare expands the possibilities of GPS guidance for blind people.

Longueuil, October 18, 2006 — HumanWare is proud to announce the release of the new version of the GPS orientation system most used by blind people in
the world. Trekker 3.0 boasts an array of new features, including using multiple GPS maps, maps covering wider areas, turn by turn instructions guidance
while in a vehicle, capabilities to handle various sources of points of interest, and other innovations providing more information.

New generation of GPS maps

Moving from one region to another is now easier, with the new generation GPS maps used by Trekker 3.0. These cover larger territories and are divided into
regional maps for more convenience. Multiple maps can now be activated and stored in the memory.

More flexibility to manage points of interest

Trekker 3.0 also expands the sources of geographical information with the capability to integrate complementary points of interest coming from other users,
or databases downloadable from the web. Searching for points of interest is now easier because different search criteria can be used and combined (postal
code, categories, distance, etc.). Personal points of interest can be organized into categories, transferred to and backed up on a PC, and even shared
with other users.

More comprehensive routes

Whether you are travelling on foot or in a vehicle, Trekker 3.0 provides more information than ever before. When a route is activated, the initial direction
is now announced. Navigation information is provided step by step, giving the next instruction and the distance to it.

Superior information system

Trekker 3.0 offers the user an unsurpassed access to information. This includes shortcut keys for instant information about speed, direction, city name,
altitude, latitude, longitude and number of satellites in view.

“Since Trekker was introduced 4 years ago, the lives of sightless people have been literally transformed: they now have more freedom and can take full advantage
of their environment,” says product manager Lucia Gomez. “With Version 3.0, we have expanded the concept of “freedom to explore” even further, offering
a product that is both more comprehensive and more flexible”.

Trekker 3.0 is now available from HumanWare subsidiaries and distributors. A free upgrade is available for users of earlier versions at this:
A detailed list of the new features in Trekker 3.0 is also available at:
this location.

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