today's special? a plate of cold with a side of snow.

so being the person I am, I follow both krista and my weather forcasts via the miranda weather plugin.
For a comparison I’ll give you both as of the time of this post 5:16AM eastern time.
first, Krista’s from Fitchburg, MA.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts [-13.1C, Overcast]
Feel-Like: -13.3C
Pressure: 30.2 in
Wind: Calm 0 m/s
Humidity: 68%
Dew Point: N/A
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Sun Rise: 7:14 AM EST
Sun Set: 4:37 PM EST
5 Days Forecast:
Friday: Partly Cloudy, -6.7C/-15.6C
Saturday: Chance Of Snow 30% Chance Of Precipitation, -5.6C/-6.7C
Sunday: Partly Cloudy, -1.7C/-13.9C
Monday: Mostly Cloudy, -5C/-7.8C
Tuesday: Chance Of Rain 50% Chance Of Precipitation, 2.2C/-1.7C

ok, whatever, I can deal.
then we hit down arrow, and run into this.

Petawawa, Ontario [-21.1C, Overcast]
Feel-Like: -25.6C
Pressure: 30.4 in
Wind: West 0 m/s
Humidity: 77%
Dew Point: -23.9C
Visibility: 5.0 miles
Sun Rise: 7:47 AM EST
Sun Set: 4:49 PM EST
5 Days Forecast:
Friday: 28 F | 12 F, -10.6C/-17.2C
Saturday: Overcast, -8.3C/-16.1C
Sunday: Snow 60% Chance Of Precipitation, -11.1C/-20.6C
Monday: Clear, -10.6C/-14.4C

can you say, holy fuck, welcome to cold?
The meals of this variety are dirt cheep, and hey, their are even sides of snow available, can you believe that?
Welcome to january, now, you, out their, cold, and snow? you’ve got 18 days to vacate. k?
do it, now.

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