today's dose of clue.

Have today’s dose of clue.
firstly, If your in colige, please do be acting like it, and leave the highschool drama back their, in highschool where it belongs.
Secondly, stop spouting shit that is not true, and oh, one quick note to the particular sighty that was told this by another blind person, varrify your crap before assuming you know the facts.
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1 thought on “today's dose of clue.”

  1. The problem with the particular blind person who spouted the above shit, is that she wants everyone to think she’s hot shit. She tries too hard to be popular. and in my not so humble oppinion, people like that should be dragged out into a back alley and have some sense beaten into them. It’s too bad the only exposure to blind people some sighted people will have is… that thing. Because that thing actually works rather damn hard at making *us* look like assholes.


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