this is exactly what I wanted to deal with today. no, not really.

So, I get a call from krista.
The jist of it?
I left my perscription bottle, in the states, and hadn’t had a chance to tell krista to look for it.
Well her mother found it, and instead of reading the phone number off the bottle, and calling me to say, hey, you left this here, and letting me make note of the perscription number off the bottle, she flips out at krista, walks out and tosses the bottle.
I now have to figure out how I’m gonna get it refilled, without the perscription number, and it’s probably gonna end up costing me money, I don’t have.
I’m gonna try and do it without putting myself through more financial crap, but knowing my luck it won’t happen.
I’m hoping one of the farmacies might have it, but without the perscription number knowing how this went last time when I didn’t have the perscription number, I’m gonna have to make another round of appointments to get this thing represcribed.
Monday’s gonna be really fuckin’ busy.
Guh, sighted people annoy me.
thanks vanessa, for turning my day into an extreme cluster fuck. I hope your happy. bitch.
Annoyed? yeah, I am. don’t like it? fuck off

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