the future of the the Shane O train, new home, same great content!

Hello all,
It’s my pleasure to inform you that the Shane O train has a brand knew home!
We can now be heard on
World’s Awakening radio!.
The station is based out of the UK, so please note the following.
when the UK and north American clocks aren’t doing all this jiggery flippy nonsense, Our timeslot will be 9PM to midnight eastern, that’s 0200-0500UK time normally, Except for the next two weeks, due to north American clocks going forward before the UK, where we’ll be going from 10PM-1AM eastern, instead of 9PM to midnight.

Pay attention to the social media where you’ll find all the latest details for the show.
I hope you’ll join me starting Thursday, March 18, 2021 starting at 10PM eastern, 0200UK!
You can listen by telling your smart device of choice to play world’s awakening radio from tune in, or by pasting the following URL into your player of choice:

For all the ways you can interact, please
visit the stations website!
If you’ve got a request you want to get in early?
visit the music library and make that request, right now!
See you Thursday!

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