the blog gets e-mail, 500 errors are persisting, and hey, related or not so related posts show up, to!

So the past couple of days have gotten interesting. For some reason 500 errors are deciding to show their faces, more regularly than not of late. We’re attempting to track down the issue, the current solution? hit the refresh button until the damn page loads.
Secondly. you can now get updates by e-mail! That’s right. As of the time this thing posts you can now get anything any of us post over here delivered straight to your inbox! Isn’t life grand? No more reliance on RSS. Just go over here Read the page, fill out the form, and away you go!
Lastly, you may have noticed a knew little nifty feature on all the post pages when you bring up the post on it’s own page. That being a section devoted to random posts that may or may not be related to whatever you happen to be reading. The things that keep this blog interesting.
With that, back we go to attempting to squash 500 internal server errors.

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