The blog does what it's supposed to. For real, this time.

You may or may not be aware the blog’s up and switched servers lately. It’s also slightly switched directory structures around–which, rather summarily, caused existing links to break all over the place. Oops. Some of you may have been seeing “page not found” errors as a response. Shane’s aware of it, and dragged me over here to put an end to that. Now, if you’re brought here via one of the few links who’ve managed to somehow haunt the top rankings on Google, like for instance this one, it won’t actually tell you to go straight to hell, as it’s been doing the past day or two–and yet still, that post is freaking popular. Now imagine if we’d caught this sooner. No innocent squeaks died in the killing of this minor, yet annoying, blog bug. Now, back to your regularly scheduled rants from that guy what actually owns this thing.
PS: Just for the record, regular expressions are the best thing since the internets. Just saying.

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