That's all he gets, just 15 years?

Their are times when I ask myself, does the justice system, really do their jobs?
Not after reading

Before he was sentenced for sexually abusing five girls, day care worker Joseph M. Calabrese was interviewed by a probation officer who prepared a report for the judge.
During the conversation, Calabrese, 24, discounted the impact the abuse had on the girls, the probation officer reported. One of the girls, she quoted him as saying, “picked me out.” The other girls, he said, didn’t object to having sexual contact with him and were “OK with it.”
But one of the girls, now a teenager, faced Calabrese in court Friday as he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, telling him that his abuse of her and her sister in their home had devastated them.
“I want my sister’s innocence back,” she said. “The day you can give that back, you will be forgiven in my eyes.”
Calabrese pleaded guilty in October to abusing the girls, ages five to 12, over a four-year period that ended last year when one of the girls came forward.
Three were abused at Generations day care centers in Irondequoit, Fairport and Rochester, where Calabrese worked. Two were abused in their Penfield home, where Calabrese was babysitting them after he befriended their family.
Assistant District Attorney Sara Van Strydonck said Calabrese’s words to the probation officer weren’t unusual.
“A lot of times offenders will minimize their conduct,” she said. “That’s always shocking, but it’s certainly nothing I haven’t heard before.”
Calabrese’s lawyer, Meredith Lamb, said Calabrese accepted responsibility to avoid putting the girls through a trial.
“My client offers no excuses today but begs for forgiveness from everyone who has suffered as a result of his poor judgment,” she said.
Calabrese chose not to speak when given the chance.
“She said what I wanted to say,” he said, referring to his lawyer.
Calabrese pleaded guilty to single counts of first- and second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child and three counts of first-degree sexual abuse. All of the charges are felonies.
He also faced a more-serious charge of predatory sexual assault against a child, which could have resulted in a life prison term.
But the prosecution allowed him to plead guilty to the other charges, with the consent of the girls’ families, to avoid a trial.
Citing tearful statements by the mothers of two of the girls and the grandmother of another before the sentencing, state Supreme Court Justice Joseph D. Valentino said Calabrese’s actions affected more than the girls.
“It wasn’t just the children you preyed upon, but their entire families were victimized,” he said.

So all this stupid twit gets is 15 years? I think he should have gotten life.
I hate people like him, for the record

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