that thing that resembles an update, but may not be.

ok, so as
james said
things on the travel front for me, kinda went sideways.
As of *hopefully* early next week, I should have my knew computer.
We thank the credit card of
for that.
My banks gonna be hurting for a few month’s paying it off, but at least it’s not
anymore, right?
Everything else, is going all right, and I’m running out of brain things to think with, so time to get outta here.
related: james indicated leafs games we *actually* won, can I dig them outta the backlog of rss feeds?
related #2: we’re still sucking even after the allstar break. go figure.

2 thoughts on “that thing that resembles an update, but may not be.”

  1. Hey Shane, I feel your pain on the computer front, as my beast from ADP died in January, was using one from my ex, richard for a while, then finally went & got a CC, & bought a replacement, a Dell 1546 laptop from future shop, for $600, i love this thing, so now able to post in my blog finally, btw, good to see your blogging still, I’ve had to lock mine down, because of asshats, comments section got killed, so now back on Livejournal, back to my old blog, locked down, WP is nice, but no app for the computer like semagic for LJ, love it, works like wordpad, but posts straight to my LJ..


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