take a lesson from this.

so waking up, I’m going through RSS feeds.
A captain who was thirsty overturned a
cup of coffee
causing an emergency landing in Toronto.

It turns out a spilled cup of coffee is what caused a United Airlines flight bound for Frankfurt, Germany, to make an emergency landing at Pearson International Airport earlier this week.
Flight 940 with 241 passengers on board was en route from Chicago when the pilot experienced problems with the plane’s communication equipment.
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration informed Transport Canada that the problem occurred after the pilot in command overturned a cup of coffee on the aircraft’s radio system.
United Airlines spokesperson Rahsaan Johnson said the captain and crew felt it was safer to land in Toronto rather than continue the flight with broken radio signals.
Another plane took the disappointed passengers back to Chicago where they were able to board another flight to Germany. They were provided with lodging and meals.

lesson learned here? no coffee on the flight deck.
The stupid, it hurts.

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