oh yeah, welcome to brainless, and stupid.

we all as humans have rights, weather your american, canadian, british, japanese, chinese, whoever you are, you have basic rights. But now, these rights extend to
mother nature
The linked article states

What does the new Bolivian law mean? It means that tics that suck the blood, the choking sulphur pits of volcanic vents, the indestructible cockroach, the arid desert wastes and the bleak frigid spaces of the planet’s poles — everything from the locusts that despoil, to the great mountain ranges, the earth and all that is in it, are to have … rights. (About the other planets, Morales is silent.)

I can’t find words. I’m staring at this article on in my browser window while I compose this in my e-mail client, going, seriously? your fucking kidding me.
related: the reaction from
when I told him that was, just a repeated utterance of


and that’s probably what you all are thinking, as well.

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