so….. I've been served my official eviction notice.

has officially evicted me from his living room.

Mr. Shane Davidson,
I’m sorry to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, we are left with no alternative save to terminate your rental agreement with us. This termination is effective as of 5/15/2011. Please insure your personal belongings are returned, and any and all keys, cards, access passes etc are returned to the rental office no later than 5/15/2011. Once again, we thank you for renting with us.
James Homuth,
CEO – JDH Rentals

11 thoughts on “so….. I've been served my official eviction notice.”

  1. Oh my god, you people! I follow Shane on Twitter, but even if I didn’t I know the guy well enough to know that if this was serious, he wouldn’t just leave it at the little bit he wrote and be done with it. Jesus Christ.

  2. Well you can’t expect everyone to know everything about you. Those of us who don’t know every single detail about your life because we have better things to do may take it seriously…it’s not our fault. For example, all I know about James is just that, James. His name. Why? Because I don’t follow your details because I don’t care about them, all I do is read your blog because it gives me some reading material now and then. Yeah…it’s a joke, but I don’t like how you called everyone stupid who didn’t get the joke. It was one of those “inside” jokes.
    As for me, I don’t care if you get avicted… am just saying you have to consider their views also. At least, like, be glad some people care enough to be concerned (or at least pretended to care.)


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