small note to the record labels, you earn enough money, piss off, right now.

has launched this great knew service that allows it’s customer to store their music on their services for playing on multiple devices.
I took a look at it, and like the idea, a tad inaccessible, but what you gonna do, right?
Well now, amazon’s facing possible
action because they don’t have the proper licensing.
small note to the record labels.
Your gonna be ass wholes, I’ll stick to my torrents, thanks.
Amazon’s already licensing enough content from you people, they shouldn’t have to buy more because they had the brains to put together a service that allows their customers to, oh my god, take their music with them on whatever device they happen to have hanging arouned.

5 thoughts on “small note to the record labels, you earn enough money, piss off, right now.”

  1. I have always said the record company people never have made sense! Back when Napster was around, and I mean the original Napster, users could upload and download files to others as wel as browse other user’s collections to discover music they may want, as well as chat with users and make friends. If the labels had actually embraced the potential of Napster instead of sueing it out of existence, you might’ve been able to find yourself downloading the latest Kelly Clarkson track directly from Kelly Clarkson herself, and be able to chat with her! Now tel me that wouldn’t’ve been cool? But no, the RIAA idiots thought it’d be better to sue sue sue! Even Itunes have had to raise their prices for songs from $0.99 to $1.29, just so you can put songs on as many computer’s as you wish, and that’s not even mp3! And now we have the potentially outright stupid thought of legal action against Amazon for providing it’s customers with a way to back up their files and listen to them on any PC they wish? Oh and let’s not forget more than just mp3 files can be uploaded to amazon cloud drive! This would include documents and photos to name just 2! Amazon cloud drive is nothing more than an external hard drive that is stored on the internet! There is 0 difference between an external hard drive one may have in their possession, and Amazon cloud drive! Hell you need log on details to even get at the content, so what’s the big deal here? You can’t search the whole amazon system to find anything, you are limited to the contents of your storage and that’s it! So what we can’t take our external hard drives away from home now is that the idea? Sorry but I don’t think so! RIAA labels and other people that want to destroy technology, get a clue, and quit telling us how we can use data we wish to back up off site! A physical external hard drive is great and all, but should something happen, such as say a flood or fire, and you lose everything, are we not allowed to have data backed up off site so that we can replace it should we need to? If I’m on vacation, and I wish to stream music on my phone that is stored on Amazon, why shouldn’t I be able to do so! When will those bastards get a clue? I almost wish they would lose something valuable of theirs so that maybe they could see the point!

  2. Seriously? As if the artests and companies aren’t making enough money? I mean come the hell on it’s bad enough that a seven year old girl got in trouble for downloading stuff. Get a clue and if you can’t find one I throw one at you. What’s next they’re gonna conduct a mass search of everyone’s ipods for illegally downloaded music?


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