Sex Offender Wins Custody of Daughter.

This is fucking dispicabel.
I’m extremely outraged.
My comments follow the article.

Sex Offender Wins Custody of Daughter.
A HEROIN-addicted sex offender has won custody of his young daughter because the girl’s mother is considered an even more unsuitable parent.
Child protection campaigners yesterday lashed the Federal Magistrates’ Court decision to leave the girl in such conditions as outrageous and “defying logic”.
Granting custody of the girl, aged about 5, to the father, the court branded the mother dishonest and criticised her continuing drug use. The court heard the mother, who has shoplifting and prostitution-related convictions and a history of drug use, left the labour ward to buy heroin soon after giving birth.
The father, who also has a string of convictions, was put on the sex offenders’ list after being convicted of wilful and obscene exposure The girl, who has behavioural problems and a speech impediment, has suffered serious injuries.
Her plight was reported to the Department of Human Services last year after she was treated for a serious burn to her buttocks. Each parent blamed the other for it. The girl also had injuries from a dog bite and once suffered an injury from being hit with a shoe.The couple separated soon after the birth, and the father is reported to have been violent to the mother.
But, despite concerns he had taken drugs as recently as last December, and kept a knife and sword collection, the court last month ruled the girl should live with him.
“The father provides calmer parenting with more clearly set boundaries than the mother does,” the magistrate said.
“A history of inadequate supervision combined with heroin and marijuana use create a serious concern that (the girl) may be neglected by her mother.”
The girl will spend two out of three weekends with her mother.The court gave the father custody because the mother continued to use drugs and “had been dishonest with the court”.
Her drug-screening tests repeatedly indicated the presence of benzodiazepines and opiates. She was even suspected of once taking drugs while in the court precinct arguing for custody. Her home was once described as filthy and strewn with vomit and faecal material, though the court accepted its cleanliness was usually “probably in an acceptable range”.
The father is on a disability pension and hasn’t worked in almost 10 years because of depression.
“There was no evidence (he) is making any notable contribution to society,” the court said.
It said he “was using drugs or doing something else he did not want to admit” as recently as last September, and had lied about his whereabouts when meant to be caring for his daughter.
But he was making progress with his addictions. It ordered him to dispose of his weapons. The Australian Childhood Foundation’s Joe Tucci said the decision “defies logic”.
“Children shouldn’t ever be placed in a situation where the rights of the parents . . . override their right to protection,” he said.
“The decision should be about whether a child is safe or not, not which parent is the better to look after them.
“The community expects children to be looked after by their parents, and if the parents fail this then the courts need to look after them.”
Child protection campaigner Hetty Johnston said the ruling was “outrageously dangerous”.”There’s no way staying with either parent should have even been an option. This isn’t in the best interest of the child,” she said.
A Department of Human Services spokesman said it was no longer involved in the case.

Let’s nail a few points here.

  • what the hell is the child doing with *either* parent to begin with?
  • with that said, are the courts utterly demented in the head? what the hell is this! your going to put the child in an abusive environment because, what, the state/department can’t pony up the money to keep this child safe?

No matter what, I’m shocked by this decision, that has been handed down.
Both parents, in my opinion, are unfit parents, so *neither* of them should have custody of this child.
Also, take into account the fact that this child is disabled, with a speech impediment. Can these parents provide for this child’s physical, medical, needs, with this drug habbit burning every spare dollar? In my opinion, no!
Ladies and gentlemen, the department of child services, and today’s justice system are a disgrace, no matter where you live, it’s atrotious.
I’ve posted previously in this blog about lesser cases, where the child is taken and put into the department as a ward of the state/county.
If these departments and our court systems, are going to do this to lesser cases, in a case like this article shows, why the fuck are they putting this child into an environment that, will most likely kill this child?
I want to here your opinions.
Am I wrong?
Am i just spouting out of anger?
Have i missed a vital point here somewhere?
The comment boards await you.

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  1. This is fucking atrocious. I, there are no words. I was being abused for nigh on eighteen years and nobody, but nobody, stopped it. even the DCFS did nothing. They shipped me off to live with my even more unworthy father. I’m going to need years and years of therapy just to gether through that one years, not to mention the seventeen years before that. Someobdy needs a bitchbeating, and I’m happy to help out.


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