rogers, is now the canadian version of verizon wireless.

so as most of you know, I’m moving to petawawa to live with
to get out of my current living arrangements.
One of the things will allow me to get away from the
that is the 2 hour call limitation imposed by
wind mobile
but on another thing, I have to pick another provider.
Son of a bitch, is the name of the game.
So, we begin what I thought might be a long drawn out argument with
and their wireless department.
James and I actually got a person that was a pleasure to deal with, and since we knew *exactly* what we wanted, I already have a phone, so all i needed was a sim card.
Simple fix.
Pick up the card from a rogers retale location, activate it,and away we go.
Then I come to find out, this morning, that on rogers, you get slammed for both incoming, and outgoing texts to the United states!
To the tune of, $0.25 per goddamn text!
and don’t try and text while in the united states, that hurts, even more!
So thanks to krista, rogers is now known as the canadian verizon wireless!

2 thoughts on “rogers, is now the canadian version of verizon wireless.”

  1. This sucks majorly. I’m currently a Verizon Wireless customer, and I’m switching due to their stupid pricing. Sorry you’re dealign with the canadian version of American hell.


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