really, was that how you should have solved the argument?

I read the following
and just shook my head.

ABERDEEN, Wash., Aug. 2 (UPI) — A 21-year-old Aberdeen, Wash., woman was admitted to the hospital after her mother allegedly bit off part of her ear, police say.
The incident began Friday evening when the 21-year-old and her mother got into an argument, police told KXRO News Radio, in Aberdeen. The daughter then went out for the night and returned Saturday afternoon.
The daughter told police she and her 43-year-old mother then got into a physical fight, which led to the daughter biting her mother’s arm and the mother biting off a substantial part of the daughter’s right earlobe and causing damage to her outer ear.
The daughter was hospitalized. Medical personnel could not reattach the severed ear part because it could not be found, the radio station said.
The mother was charged with second-degree domestic violence assault and was being held at the Aberdeen Police Department. No charges had been filed against the daughter.
It wasn’t reported what the two women had argued about.

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