people are so stupid these days!

Hey all,
First of all, what is mentioned here is aimed at a spicific individual, and not adam, for a change.
She reads this blog, and since this individual won’t listen to me on the phone or by e-mail, I’m going to put it here, where I am sure to be read, not just by her, but by a lot of people.
Your all probably wondering what’s up with the title for my post.
Why would I title a post what I titled it?
Well, for one, this is my blog, and I can title posts whatever I like, and for two, my X, niki, who used to be a huge part of the penny drive, the committie at our school that raises money for McMaster Children’s hospital, basically said in an e-mail, I’m still apart of the committie, and you have to listen to what I have to say, and if you don’t I’m going to shut the committie down.
Let’s see, what gives you the authority MS. Hotshot to say things like that. You turned control over to Rose, and we don’t need your flat nose in our affairs.
I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but we can run the committie just fine without you.
You turned control over to rose, complete control, and that’s the way it is going to stay.
We don’t need you, and francly, we don’t want you either.
You were the one who caused most of the problems with brauling last year. You pushed your weight around, bossed us around, and the committie nearly fell apart last year because of you and your bossiness
I’m not going to say their weren’t others causing issues, we all took part at one time or another, but you seemed to always be at the head of it.
The committie has already said we don’t want you bossing us around this year, and we can and will do this with or without your help.
You can’t boss us around, sure you may be on the list, but you are an advising member. Get that straight, advising member, not full member, advising member.
So that means you have some say, but the final say comes down to the committie and if we say no, then no is the way it will be and you will just have to deal with it.
You have to remember one thing, you’ve lost trust in a lot of people, not just me, I’m not going to speak for everyone reading this, but you’ve broken trust, and you’ve done it by hurting me the way you did. You made me feel worthless, and made me cry on a number of occasions with your actions and with what you said to me, and the way you treated me when I tried to talk to you about things and explain my side of things to you regarding certain issues.
I know everyone hates drama and long drawn out things so I won’t go into details.
Nikki, you aren’t going to earn my trust back overnight, and pushing your weight around with this committie isn’t going to help, it’s just going to make me distrust you more.

So, all I am going to say to you Nikki is back off, and let us do our work.
We’ve got ajob to do, and with you shoving your crap in our faces, we can’t do our job properly.
If you continue to persist, I will bring it to the head of the committie and have you removed perminantly from all aspects of this committie, and we will continue on our own without you. And if you want my opinion, we could do a heck of a better job without you, thank you very much.
if you ask me, We accomplished more in the first meeting, then we ever did last year in all the meetings we had. We had no brauling, no fights, we were civil about things, and we got a lot done without you their! Wow! We actually don’t need you, can you believe that? I’m sorry if that hurts your eago, but that’s just too bad! It’s a part of life, and you’ll just have to deal with it! You’re not always needed, and you’ll just have to suck it up!
Now quit being a baby and we’ll all be happy.
Thanks all for reading, and i do apologize for that, but I had to say what I had to say.
If you have thoughts on what I wrote here, feel free to comment.
I’ll post later on.
everyone have a blessed, geezus filled day.

2 thoughts on “people are so stupid these days!”

  1. Shane you hit the male on the head in that post.
    You should not have to put up with that crap.
    Man if That’s was coming from any one I knew I sure would not put up with that crap and the Penny drive should not have to either.
    I am right behind you Shane, if it gets worse then we should as the penny drive have the authority to do something about it.
    That’s just childish ways and don’t feel like you have to take it.
    Man I will not have that this year. I put up with a lot of crap on the penny drive also and I don’t want any more of it from this Nikky out sider.
    Rose was appointed had of the penny drive and she should be able to run it the way she thinks’s it should run.
    All right that’s all I got fore you today. The end of my rant.


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