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The things I find while waiting for files to save.
A 5-year-old says he
a gun in his father’s car on the way to school.

The young boy, who has since been suspended for an undetermined amount of time, told police that he found the gun in his stepfather’s vehicle on the way to school that morning.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion this is true?
Oh, that’s right, because in today’s society parent’s don’t give a shit, at all.

Superintendent Tom Townsend says he is unaware if the child realizes the severity of the situation and ultimately, places blame on the child’s parent.

Well hey, he’s only 5, he was curious, and probably wanted to show it to all his friends. Placing blame on the parents, damn straight.
That’s exactly where it belongs.

“As a father that’s raised three kids, I’m responsible for what my 5 year old accesses. So, yes, I think he’s a victim of neglect.”

As a godfather, babysitter, and father to a child that isn’t mine biologically, I *was* responsible for that child(s) actions when that child is/was in my care. so I see where the superintendant’s coming from.

Police say that if the boy’s story proves to be true, the parent could face neglect charges as well as culpable negligence for improperly storing a firearm within the reach of a child.

I’m not doubting the validity of the child’s story, I’m currently wishing the parents jailed for such a stupid action.
The what if’s come to mind, what if the gun had gone off, what if their had been a bullit in the actual chamber… so many possibilities that just, even to me, are extremely scary.
Innocents could have been killed by this parents neglect.
Yes the child was wrong for picking up an unknown object, should he have been suspended? yes, I believe he should have been, just so he knows that what he did was wrong.
Should the parents be held accountable for the unsafe storage of a firearm around a child? Your fucking right they should be.
Taking this a step further, should the child be removed from the home, if it’s determined the parents are irresponsible with firearms? Yes, he should. Why? because it’s an unsafe environment for the child.

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