oh, hello logic, where did you go?

Holy shit.
This just tops the fuckin’ cake around here.
so I went to
to find out who/what has blown my credit report to all kinds of hell.
I get their, and ok, they want a credit card.
Whatever, I ask
if I could use his.
fine and dandy, right?
no, not so much.
We enter all the details, and instead of being smart, and logical, and making sure the information for billing was the same and letting me edit it if it wasn’t, the stupid thing *assumes* that *I* am the credit card holder.
Um, idiots? I *don’t* have a credit and I want to access my *credit* report to see what’s on it so I can *actually* get one, ok?
Equifax, a note to you, incompitent twits.
*don’t* require a credit card to access the credit report, thanks much.
Kindly die alongside everyone else including
greyhound USA
Greyhound canada
in Related news: getting jessica
up here is prooving to be made of fail hense my reference to greyhound USA/canada both needing to die.

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