blind people are not superhuman, sorry bout your luck.

going through twitter this morning I ran across this
the title alone makes me shake my head in utter amazement.
Are you serious?\
reading the article I have to ask myself, are you really that fucking dense?
From the article, I agree with this part.

a commenter on the National Federation of the Blind’s listserv, consider him “disgraceful” for promoting behavior such as tongue clicking that could be seen as off-putting and abnormal.

does this fool run around without his cane? come on, your blind, yes. you should be indipendant, damn right, but quit acting like a sighted person when your not one!
You are blind, you do sometimes need help, so instead of hurting yourself by doing stupid things, get your head outta your ass!
You can’t do everything alone, and attempting to make people think you as a blind person can, is outright rediculous!
Their are lots of things you can do on your own, but not *everything.*.
I hope this guy dies from his stupidity.
Him getting ran over by a car because he thinks he’s sighted will learn people, real quick.

6 thoughts on “blind people are not superhuman, sorry bout your luck.”

  1. If I remember right from reading the thing a few days back, he uses a cane now, but hasn’t always.
    I have no idea how all of this making dolphin noises stuff can be subtle like they say, but if he can seriously do that, more power to him. Echo locating things is great, but why can’t you do it by tapping your leg or with the cane tap or even just by listening for trees and openings? that last one maybe not everybody can do, but there are ways that are much more subtle and less goofy sounding than making noises all the time.

    • The article states nothing about him using a cane, if it had, I wouldn’t have made the statement I did, as their making it out like he can see. the clicking the tongue, yes it does make you look weird, I use my cane, but I can hear the openings and it’s nifty. but would you catch me without my cane if I’m not with a sighted guide walking around in places other than my apartment or familuar indoor locations? hell fucking know.

  2. If you read carefully, it states he didn’t use a cane as a child, but that he does now. that does not automatically strike it from my wtf list, of course. I hate articles like this, they make normal people like us, look like dumb asses. and yeah, I know someone’s gonna come back with a, “You two are normal?” So go to hell in advance. LOL

    • if it does, I missed it, fmer at it.
      Still what does he use the cane for? to get all the perks of a blind person? does he *actually* use it? or does he just carry it around.

  3. I have a hearing impairment, so its of no use most of the time, I now use a walker 90% of the time to get around, as trying to use 2 canes was driving me apeshit, I was so slow! I love the walker, I’m so much faster, but I’m the sort that no matter how many times I try to do it, I wont let my blindness stop me, winter is hard, so i use wheeltrans to get around a lot, but now that its spring, I’m doing a lot of regular bus riding..


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