my thoughts on a set of twitter posts.

so I haven’t posted in awhile, but this really has me wondering this individuals supposed love for this person, right here.

The following are 6 tweets that

Kerri Murtland

posted on

her twitter page.

They are below and numbered for your sanity.

1. Kerri Murtland: ok so as you all know Tuesday Im starting my STEPS program (specialized training and employment program) tbc… about 29 minutes ago at 12:59:40 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

2. Kerri Murtland: which means its another program to help me gain employment, Tuesday is also the day child tax credit is out. Tbc… about 27 minutes ago at 1:01:30 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

3. Kerri Murtland: so Josh calls me and asks if we can hang out said Tuesday, I said no Im busy why? His reply was tbc… about 25 minutes ago at 1:04:01 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

4. Kerri Murtland: because you get paid on Tuesday, Note to followers I had already stated that other than court Josh could not see me untill August tbc… about 23 minutes ago at 1:06:38 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

5. Kerri Murtland: If I get work who knows from there, Josh proceeded to pitch a fit because I cant buy his birthday present. Followers riddle me this. TBC… about 19 minutes ago at 1:10:43 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

6. Kerri Murtland: If someone claims they love you and their own selfish needs come before you bettering yourself is that love? Final. about 18 minutes ago at 1:11:54 PM on 7/17/2010 from mobile web

Ok, so. let’s do what I do best and have fun with this.

Kerri, has on numorous occasions, told one Mr. Josh Remmelzwaal, (refered to as simply as *he* here on out), that, she does not love him, they *are* not in a relationship, no matter what his little head, between his legs wants to think, and to get over her and to fuck off.

Yes, I did say, the head between his legs.

This is the head he thinks with, and not the head between his ears. That particular organ is filled with air.

So he still doesn’t get this point.

Let’s move on to the reason for this post, that being, his selfish behavior.

Let’s for a second here say for the reasons of this post, that he had a snowballs chance in the firy depths of hell of getting back with kerri for a second chance.

We all know this isn’t true, but let’s pretend, ok?

So, if he truly loved Kerri. would he

*continuely put himself before her

*continuely ask for birthday presents from her?

*knowing that Kerri’s attempting to better her life, bother the crap out of her and want to hang out and when told know, flip a fit?

Um, no!

If you truly loved/cared about someone, in my mind, here’s how this works.

*you, sacrifice whatever you have to, in order to support the individual you want to be/are with.

*you stand by this individual, no matter what life throws at you both, and if this involves more sacrifice, you do it.

*you do not act like a selfish prat, and think your crap comes before the other persons. especially when it comes to finances, if you get a present/something from the person you are with, you be happy about it, but you don’t ask for stuff for your birthday. Kinda, rude, yeah?

TO summarize, in my mind, Mr. Josh, is a selfish, too faced, idiot, who thinks about nothing but himself, and how much he can screw others.

He has no idea of sacrifice, no idea of what it takes to support someone, unless it is bettering him.

If it doesn’t better him, or he’s not getting money, he doesn’t give a shit.

So, in closing, I’m gonna say this.

Josh needs to, to quote a text from kerri

get over me, and move on!

with all that said, I await your comments.

I’ll post another time.

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