maple leafs 4, devels 1.

Since james is at the parents housesitting, I used AM640 to follow this game, as for some reason I still haven’t mastered the shaw direct remote.
I need to actually have james or someone sighted sit down with me and walk me through the remote.
We put the smack down on right up until the 3rd period, then I really thought we were fucked.
We started giving up the puck, getting really shitty penalties, and gave up a goal, that me, being blind, could have stopped.
Hi, welcome to overconfidence.
We did answer it with a 4th goal, so we wun, for what it’s worth.
But next time, let’s play the entire game instead of slacking off in the 3rd, ok?
Oh, and another note, if we want a hope in hell of getting anywhere by finals time, let’s actually win a few more strung together games, k?
nuff said, have this.

  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 21
  • Shootout Wins: 2
  • Shootout Losses: 2
  • Points: 30

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