keep this one behind bars, OK?

their comes a time, wherein the three letters WTF, barely scratch the surface.
This holds true when reading about
the adult who decided to fake autistic behavior
in order to become sexually aroused when
babysitters changed his diapers.
in summary, the individual in question admitted to conning babysitters by posing as autistic so they’d take care of him.

An Oklahoma City man seeking sexual stimulation acted severely autistic and wore diapers to con baby sitters into caring for him, police reported.

Are you that hard up for sex? for serious?
the charges range from one fellany count of sexual battery to 7 missdemeener counts of outraging public decency.
Their aren’t words to describe my feelings right now.
Their are lifestyles that incorperate these things, adult babies, etc. because yes, in my times of bordum I’ve read about it, go use google, their’s loads of information about those lifestyles, and groups of people that are into this, but kindly, quit stocking babysitters just to get your sexual jolly’s.
Find a partner that you can spend your life with, and be happy, and that excepts you for who you are, and that sorta thing, and don’t use places like
to get a boner.
this one needs to be locked up. perminantly .

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